Friday, July 1, 2016

Wednesday Night

Wednesday night we had plans for a nice dinner and then to go see the Shallows. But at dinner I started having really bad stomach issues. My wife said "would you rather go home and I will unlock you and play with you for awhile?" With the stomach issues it was a pretty easy to decide. Even though it had only been two days that is a lot for me being that in the past I was you to cumming 3-4 times a day (so yes my life is going through a major change).

We went home and took care of some house stuff and then she went to get the key. She came back saying she forgot where she put the key...NOT FUNNY, but I am sure it is a standard key holder joke. After unlocking me she lectured me about some things that I had disappointed her over and said she hasn't decided if or what kind of ejaculation I would get.

She played with me for what felt like forever. Every time she was getting close she would stop.

At one point I looked at her and said "You've decided, haven't you?"

And she giggled and said "yep!"

I looked at her and said "You're going to ruin it, aren't you?"

She laughed and said "Oh Yeah!"

After bringing me to the brink probably a dozen more times, she took me right to the edge and stopped. She went to start again and I said don't. And then my cum started to ooze out. She was giggling like a teenage girl. I couldn't even look at my cock but it just kept oozing and oozing. I don't know what came over me but I just started begging and begging for her to bring me to a full orgasm. I really don't know what came over me and really did not expect her to listen but she said ok. That orgasm right after the ruined one was unbelievable and earth shattering.

She then laid down on her side of the bed and pulled out her vibrator. After I was cleaned up I tried to touch her and help her. She just yelled at me "Don't touch me! You can watch but do not touch me!" So there I sat watching her have a wonderful orgasm.

Later that night she leaned over and started kissing me. Then she said "I have a wonderful time playing with you tonight!" She let me sleep unlocked that night but made sure I was back to being locked up yesterday.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Here we go

We signed our agreement last night and it started this morning. Apparently, my wife had planned on waking me up early to lock me down but I had been up with stomach issues a lot early this morning so she took pity on me.

I have been in a pretty bad funk that started yesterday. I am really not sure what is going on but just kind of in a down in the dumps mood. I'd like to snap out of it but who knows. My wife is concerned but I go through these mood swings so we just need to ride it out as we push forward with the FLR.

Has the color of the sky suddenly changed or anything since we signed the agreement...No. I made her a beverage while she made dinner, I cleaned up and we watched TV (All pretty boring normal stuff). She had worked out after work and we went up stairs where she made use of my tongue. When I was done she said get a condom and we had a wonderful round of sex. I reached the point where I needed to know if I could cum and she gave me permission. Right as I crossed the point of no return, she said "Maybe I should stop right now!" But it was well too late.

We then took a tub together because she wanted me to shave her legs. Afterwards we watched some television and then she said she was going to bed. I was convinced she was going to forget about locking me down and I wasn't sure if I should remind her or not. But she rolled over and said "Where's your thing?" I pulled it out and she said "let's go" So we are back to trying to make our relationship work as an FLR and I am locked down to motivate me.

***Someone asked about our agreement, I would love to post it because I am really happy with it (my wife commented about how well thought out it was) but I used thoughts from other people's blogs and just do not know how appropriate it would be to share.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Moving back to Female Led

Our last few attempts at a Female Led Relationship (FLR) have all fizzled. The funny thing is we both agree that things work for us when we are in that kind of relationship dynamic, the rest of the time we just muddle along. So we have been just here, kind of rudderless and fallen into a rut. Neither one of us are very happy and she has told me that things are a lot worse then I realize because she is really unhappy.

So we have been doing a lot of talking about what we want and where we can go from here. We have both agreed that we need to put our energy back into making our relationship into an FLR format. We have both read Georgia Ivey Green's book How to Set-up an FLR. We've taken the quizzes she has and talked a lot about what we want.

We are working up an agreement that outlines the expectations and how we will work during the summer as an FLR (then we will review what worked and tweak) and putting it down on paper. We haven't finished the agreement but I am happy with it so far. I have used some posts from the I'm Hers and Male Chastity Journal that were really relevant and am really happy with the agreement. My wife has the agreement and is putting her touches and editing so we will see what it looks like when we are done. We have gotten a new chastity device, the Holy Trainer 2. 

I can tell that she is really excited about returning to the FLR, I cannot tell you how many times I've heard her say "Oh things are going to be changing," or "Enjoy it now this are changing and changing quick." My son is going away for the week tomorrow and our game plan is to have a relaxing weekend and then sign and begin our new arrangement on Monday morning. This way we have a solid week for us to work through the kinks. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a morning

Last night my wife after I gave her a big orgasm with my tongue, she gave me another ruined orgasm. My balls have been really bothering me and though it wasn't a relief to my current level of frustration it helped with the ball pain. And yes I had to eat it again (and there was a lot) but again since it wasn't ruined I didn't mind. Then she dragged me into the bathroom and pissed a really nasty piss into my mouth (apparently she was really dehydrated and had been drinking really strong tea all night). She found my chocking really amusing. I came back in to her using her vibrator for a second orgasm, she had me fighting to get me tongue in around her vibrator, again really amusing her.

This morning I snuggled up and pressed my cage against her. We then made out like a bunch of high school kids. At that I suggested maybe we go in to work a little late. And maybe we could get up and I would go prep myself and when I was ready she could come down and peg me. Then I could give her an orgasm and then we could take a tub together and I would shave her legs. After which we could get ready and have a nice lunch and head to work.

At first she thought it was a ploy to get out of the cage but when I told no I did not expect it. We had talked about her starting to peg me when I was still locked. Once she was comfortable with that she was good to go. Once the morning routine was through I went down to the basement and prepared myself. My wife expects me to be one hundred percent clean when she pegs me. When I was good I called her and asked for her to give me five minutes. She said "ok" and I went and grabbed our neoprene gas mask and got it on and climbed into our sling.

She came down and said how much she liked finding me in the hood and started to do some breathe play. Then she grabbed a glove and started lubing my up and got on her harness and cock. Wow, it was an incredible time...she really pounded the crap out of me. It felt so good and was such an incredible experience, I am not sure how to express it but when she pegs me I just feel so submissive to her and being locked and knowing I was going to be allowed to cum through penile stimulation was mind blowing. She kept playing with the cage and the hood's hose and was really into it. I kept telling her how much I wanted to be her dirty bitch, and she kept saying you already are. I really thought I was going to cum but it didn't happen but it felt so incredible.

She stopped and said get my harness off me so I took the hood off and got the harness off. She went over to our liberator  and waited for me to climb between her legs (she didn't wait long). She was so wet and ready again it did not take long.

My wife kept asking if I really enjoyed it and I was like "God, YES!" I explained that when she pegs me I just feel so incredibly submissive to her. Then I turned the question because I know she is not able to cum from it (we have tried) why she likes it? Her reply was the power she feels when doing it and the dominance over me. She then said she liked it even more with the cage and that the cage made those feelings so much stronger. The rest of the morning went the way it was described above. We did have a lot of interesting discussions about where we are recently and maybe I we do a post about it some time.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

No relief in sight

My lovely wife is definitely ramping things up. Yesterday morning we were both off and she said go get the penis board and the thin rope we use with it. Below is a picture of the penis board

She then proceeded to amuse herself tying my cock down and abusing it. Then she went and grabbed a bunch of clothes pins and clips and amused herself further. Then she untied me and started to strock me and it felt wonderful. As I started to get close to cumming I asked if I was allowed to cum. She just started laughing and saying "nope!" I quickly pointed out that we haven't had sex since last Tuesday and my last release was Thursday. She said "yeah she knew but that I wouldn't be cumming anytime soon." Then she explained that I would not be cumming for another two weeks and that I would be locked the entire time. BLINK..BLINK. I have never gone longer then a week and then I was climbing the walls. She said yeah it will be good character building for you. She said she planned on ruined orgasms and maybe trying to milk me. 

And she went back to her project at hand of ruining my orgasm. On and on she would bring me right to the edge and stop. I asked what happened if I had an accident. At that she slapped my balls hard and said "that but only harder." Finally, she got me right to the edge and let go about 30 seconds later it started to dribble out. UGH! We knew it was a ruined one because I was willing for her to feed me my mess. Something after I cum, I am always resistant to doing. She said that making me eat it when I am willing is not nearly as fun.

Friday, September 5, 2014

You are going out next Friday right?

"So you are going out next Friday, right?" My wife asked me in bed tonight.

This won't really be a FLR post but a post about how she loves me and another fetish I have.

I responded "Yes," I am planning on going to a grappling event. I have tried to make one of these events for about the last year but something always comes up. This time it was the fact that she was going to be out of town so I would be taking care of my son. When she heard that she was like oh no, you are going! We are on our second babysitter but she is determined that I make it.

Not sure what to expect but really excited to get out. A woman I use to play with that has totally been out of the scene will be making it and I sent a note asking her for a round and what she would want for stakes and challenged someone on the smack talk board so maybe I won't be a wall flower.

Settling Up

The other night my wife looked at me and said "we are going to be settling up tonight. How many do you think you have coming?" I looked at her and said "I, honestly, think I have been pretty good." She looked at me and laughed and said "no, you have been disrespectful and have used curse words and you know I hate that. So how many do you think you have coming?"

"I guess, um, eight." Again this was meet with laugther, " I was thinking twelve." I wasn't going to argue with her but knew this was going to be hell. I found her punishment spoon (it is a really really thick solid wooden spoon we found just for this type of correction) and asked if I could walk the dogs before hand.

When I got back with the dogs I went upstairs and she said alright drop your pants and get across my lap. As she delivered all twelve strokes I was lectured about my tone and cursing. It has been several days and my butt still hurts. After she had me thank her for helping me to improve and then had me crawl in between her legs and use my tongue to please her. Then it was time to get a condom on (I cringed as that usually means I will be cleaning up my mess), after she came she said that I didn't need to cum. I begged her to please let me and luckily she was kind and did.

Afterwards she climbed off me and said "I will give you a pass tonight but from now on you will be eating your mess. That was definitely a Thank God and UGH moment all rolled into one.