Friday, July 1, 2016

Wednesday Night

Wednesday night we had plans for a nice dinner and then to go see the Shallows. But at dinner I started having really bad stomach issues. My wife said "would you rather go home and I will unlock you and play with you for awhile?" With the stomach issues it was a pretty easy to decide. Even though it had only been two days that is a lot for me being that in the past I was you to cumming 3-4 times a day (so yes my life is going through a major change).

We went home and took care of some house stuff and then she went to get the key. She came back saying she forgot where she put the key...NOT FUNNY, but I am sure it is a standard key holder joke. After unlocking me she lectured me about some things that I had disappointed her over and said she hasn't decided if or what kind of ejaculation I would get.

She played with me for what felt like forever. Every time she was getting close she would stop.

At one point I looked at her and said "You've decided, haven't you?"

And she giggled and said "yep!"

I looked at her and said "You're going to ruin it, aren't you?"

She laughed and said "Oh Yeah!"

After bringing me to the brink probably a dozen more times, she took me right to the edge and stopped. She went to start again and I said don't. And then my cum started to ooze out. She was giggling like a teenage girl. I couldn't even look at my cock but it just kept oozing and oozing. I don't know what came over me but I just started begging and begging for her to bring me to a full orgasm. I really don't know what came over me and really did not expect her to listen but she said ok. That orgasm right after the ruined one was unbelievable and earth shattering.

She then laid down on her side of the bed and pulled out her vibrator. After I was cleaned up I tried to touch her and help her. She just yelled at me "Don't touch me! You can watch but do not touch me!" So there I sat watching her have a wonderful orgasm.

Later that night she leaned over and started kissing me. Then she said "I have a wonderful time playing with you tonight!" She let me sleep unlocked that night but made sure I was back to being locked up yesterday.

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  1. I agree, a full on orgasm immediately following a ruined orgasm is epic!